Our leadership philosophy is that people should follow as much as they lead, and comfort as much as they command. Our programs are designed to activate people to continuously embrace the best version of themselves, and to never trade what they want in the moment for what they want the most.

Through LEadership We help people move from intention to action.

We help people create congruency by aligning their beliefs, goals, actions, and results and ensuring each reinforce each other.

We help people learn the difference between intention and impact and how it is showing up in their lives.

We create uncomfortable landslide moments.

…..and then help you free yourself from your own bullshit and find wholeness.

Meet Your Leaderista Co-Founders

Janna Hare

As a certified executive coach, Janna leverages her finely tuned insight and ability to connect with people to help them in their development. She is passionate about helping people who want to shift from “pleasing, pretending and perfecting to being courageous, authentic and living congruently.” Janna is committed to helping women release their self-imposed limitations and embrace the integrity of being fully themselves.  Janna is also the CEO + Founder of Spark Leadership Inc. (www.sparkleadership.ca)

Janna Hare
Jo-Ann Brine:

As a lifestyle coach, Desire Map Facilitator and yoga teacher, Jo-Ann helps women move from where they are now to where they want to be. She helps people bust through limiting beliefs and embrace impactful self-care and self-love practices.  She is committed to helping women integrate the mind, body, and spirit connection through movement, mindfulness and transformation.

Jo-Ann Brine