How to Create an Action Plan to Move from Vision to Reality

How to Create an Action Plan to Move from Vision to Reality

You may have noticed that we’ve been talking about intention setting for the past month on Facebook and the blog because we want you to set yourself up for the best 2018 possible.


So many people say they have goals or intentions, yet they don’t do anything to achieve them. They seem to think that just saying, “I want to ___” is enough to make it happen. Even creating a vision board around that intention can’t manifest it into being if you don’t start taking action.


That’s not going to be you.


Our mission this month is to help you create momentum so you can achieve that goal. Whether you’re a newbie to intention-setting, you’ve set the same goal 5 years in a row, have achieved this same goal once in the past already, or have tried and quit half-way, it doesn’t matter. You’re gonna rock this. You just need to know the steps.


Below, we’re outlining the 4 crucial steps to achieving that oh-so-awesome intention you’ve set for yourself. So, let’s get to work and start kicking ass!


Know your why

In order to make your intention a reality, you need to have a strong “why”, one with a strong emotional connection.


You might have decided “I will save $5,000 this year”. That’s a great goal! But if you aren’t strongly rooted in why that $5,000 means so much to you, chances are you won’t have the motivation to push forward when obstacles appear. That’s why “why-power” is all about.


If you aren’t clear on exactly why you are deeply connected to your intention, try journaling through it or create a mind map to outline all of the incredible benefits achieving this goal will have.


Then, to give your why even more oomph, write your reason down or post your mind map somewhere that you’ll see it every day and be reminded of how badly you want to achieve it.

Limit your goals

We humans have a tendency to set ourselves up for frustration and failure. We set too many goals because we think intention-setting is about dreaming, not about taking action. If you live in this dreamworld where just by setting an intention your wish will be granted, you’ll never get anywhere. So, we encourage you to get real. Get honest with yourself about what your intentions are, and what you’re willing to do to achieve it.


Pick just 1-2 main intentions you have that make your heart flutter. Make sure you’re super clear on what you’re aiming for. These can be large goals that will have several mini goals, or milestones, within them. Just make sure they’re focused.


Set milestones (and celebrate them!)

Milestones create momentum. They’re measurements so you can look back and see how far you’ve come. And they help you keep moving forward in small, manageable steps without getting overwhelmed.

Milestones are the ultra-important action steps that are going to get you from vision to the reality.


Think of these as mini goals that all contribute to the large, overarching intention.


For example, if you are striving to save $5,000 this calendar year, your milestones could be:
  • Quit smoking
  • Buy a cappuccino machine in order to save $X on Starbucks each month
  • Fill mason jar with loose change


Or they might simply be dollar value milestones like:
  • Save $500
  • Save $1000
  • Save $2000
and so on.


Create a list of milestones that make sense for your intention. You might want to create a checklist so that you can tick each one off as get closer and closer to your overarching goal.


And celebrate each and every milestone you hit! This is so important! Reaching a milestone no matter how small or insignificant it might seem actually is a big deal. It means you’re working hard towards your goal. You’re not longer a passive dreamer, you’re a go-getter! So even if your first $20 saved seems like it was easy, it’s worth celebrating because those feelings of joy will keep you moving forward.


Get moving

This is the part that so many people fall short on… They set big New Years’ resolutions, or make big goals on their birthday, but yet they don’t start moving. They don’t take action take towards achieving their intentions.


Mel Robbins talks about this epidemic. She says that when we’re working towards our goals, we have to parent ourselves in order to get there. What she means by this is that our job as parents is basically to get our kids to do the things they don’t want to do. Brushing their teeth. Eating their vegetables. Hugging aunt Gert who always smells like a wet dog.


We’re never going to feel like making the effort to get what we want. But if we only ever did the things we didn’t feel like doing, we’d have everything we ever wanted out of life.

So, she created the 5 Second Rule. The rule states that from the moment you have an idea, you’ve only got 5 seconds to take action or it’s gone – your brain will swoop in and talk you out of it. 5 seconds! That’s it!


For example, if your goal is to work out each morning, you’ve got 5 seconds to outrun your brain when you wake up. You wake up, think “I should go work out” and boom – you’ve got to get moving. Sit up, put on your socks or grab your gym bag. However small the first step is, it’s the step you need to take in order to reach your goals. Otherwise, you’ll lay there in bed thinking, “I worked out yesterday, maybe I don’t have to today…” and hit the snooze button.

So, there you have it. 4 solid steps to getting what you want. Get clear, get specific, get moving.

What intention are you working to achieve? Tell us below!

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