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What is this 1-on-1 Coaching Experience anyway?

We’re so glad you asked

It is designed for anyone ready to take a Quantum Leap towards their dreams.

A coaching experience like none other – created to Inspire, Ignite, and Empower!

This coaching experience is for you if you are ready to:

Get clear on who you are in both your work and personal life (they may be different)

Discover your strengths as a leader and activate your vision

Clarify your values and how they guide your choices

Foster meaningful connections and learn what it takes to cultivate trust

Set respectful (but firm) boundaries with yourself and others

Create healthy and effective ways to reduce burnout and stress and build joy into each day

What's Included In Our Coaching Program?

This package is designed to be educational; and throughout our 6-months together, we will explore the critical skills to help you design how you want to show up and be seen in life (= exploring values + goal setting).

We will move through specific skill building topics and reinforce the learning through 1-on-1 coaching so you can immediately apply your new skills in the area of your life where you wish to show up more bravely in.

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Are you ready to take that quantum leap into your dreams?

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In our first 60-minute strategy session, we will talk about your goals, dreams, current state of affairs, and some of the bigger challenges you are facing now, and how we can help you. Then, we make sure you have lots of time to ask me all your questions about our approach, and how you can get the results you’re looking for. Oh, and we should also mention that we only work with a limited number of 1-on-1 signature coaching clients so that you have the attention and support you need.
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If you say yes to working together, your investment will include:


Beautifully designed worksheets to help with your learnings

Bi-weekly hour long sessions with us scheduled over the 6-months

Videos, assessments, and carefully designed reflection questions to promote self-reflection

A beautiful invitation to success journal to capture your deepest desires and reflections

Copies of our top 2 life-changing books that we recommend to all our clients (they will be mailed to you upon sign-up)

Email, text and phone support in-between sessions

And more!

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