When’s the last time you asked for help?

Be honest…

For us women, asking for what we need doesn’t come naturally. We feel like our families/friends/jobs/pet hamsters/houseplants/etc! are priorities, and we don’t want to burden anyone else with our needs. In fact, we actually feel GUILTY when we even consider our own needs.

But how can we be there for everyone else if we’re left feeling depleted, grouchy, overworked, overstressed and even just the slightest bit resentful? We can’t.

So, Leaderista, we want to help you with this today. It took us years (decades even…) to learn.

This one simple trick made all the difference in our lives.

This past week, we were considering signing on a new team member to help us grow Leaderista to its full potential. We received a quote from her that just didn’t feel right. We hummed and hawed about going back and asking for a better package to suit our needs. But we were hesitant because we wanted to make sure this potential team member felt valued for her services and, of course, we didn’t want to insult her!

After some discussion amongst ourselves, we came to a conclusion. We knew the package she had quoted us wasn’t the right fit. So, we decided the right thing to do was have a conversation about it. We bit the bullet and asked her to rejig her package. And guess what? Magic happened!

She came back with a much better package for our needs and we ALL came out happier because of it! She got the contract, and we got the help we needed.

We could’ve let it slide. We could’ve decided that this person just wasn’t a good fit for us, or that we couldn’t afford the services that would help us grow our business… But instead, we chose to ask for what we needed. And we got it.

So, seriously. We know it’s hard. But you’ve gotta do it if want your situation to improve.

Suck it up and ask for what you want. As much as we wish they could, our families and friends can’t read our minds.

Start small. Maybe you need your kid to walk the dog so you can rest for 10 minutes after a crazy day. Maybe you’re too exhausted to cook supper so you ask your partner to pick something up. Or maybe you ask a contractor to rework an estimate. Just ask.

How else will you get the help you need? Chances are if you explain why their help matters, even your hormonal teenager will understand that you can’t do it all.


Your needs ARE valid. So, ask for what you need. And if you need a little guidance, we’re here for you.

Let us know what’s happening. What situation are you in where you don’t know how to ask for help? Comment below or reach out to us on Facebook so we can help guide you through it.