There’s so much buzz about self-care these days.

Everywhere you look, websites and magazines are talking about how to take care of yourself. And that’s because it’s so important! People are finally starting to open up to the idea of putting themselves first so they can live happier, fuller lives. Self-care is a major part of that and doesn’t mean getting expensive foot massages at the spa (but you are more than welcome to indulge!).

Practicing self-care means carving out chunks of time for yourself It’s time spent doing things that make you feel relaxed, reenergized, and just plain better!


There are a million lists floating around on Pinterest of ways to practice self-care but everyone is different, so let’s start off with a little assignment, shall we? We want you to write down at least 10 things that help you feel rejuvenated and put a smile on your face. You might be able to list 100 things but, if you haven’t got time to really brainstorm, start off with 10.


Chances are there are some common threads in your list that show exactly what kinds of activities you enjoy most. Maybe you recharge your batteries by having quiet time by yourself. Maybe you feel better after doing some form of exercise. Or maybe spending time with others is the most therapeutic thing for you! Look over your list and identify some of the themes. Then, keep reading for some ways that might best suit your new self-care routine.


Below, you’ll find easy ways to implement self-care into your routine based on what you like to do.

If movement helps you feel alive, you might try…

  • Taking a 10-minute walk on your lunch break
  • Doing a few sun salutations before you get in the shower
  • Signing up for that yoga class you’ve been putting off doing
  • Going for a solo hike, taking in all the sights and sounds nature has to offer

If alone time helps you recharge, you might try…

  • Treat yourself to a new book and schedule in 15 minutes each night to read
  • Indulging with a bubble bath once a week
  • Writing a letter to a friend or family member
  • A solo Netflix & chill night

If spending time with others gives you a zest for life, you might try…

  • Setting up a weekly coffee date with a good friend
  • Calling a friend who lives away via Skype
  • Taking a class or workshop

If being creative inspires joy in you, you might try…

  • Dusting off the old pencil crayons for some colouring time
  • Asking a friend to join you for a DIY night


Whatever activity it is, we want you to schedule at least 2 of them each week. And yes, we do mean schedule it. Write it in your planner or on a calendar. If it’s not scheduled, it’s too easy to push aside in favour of everything else that needs to be done.


We’d love to hear what you’re doing!


Comment below and tell us what your favourite form of self-care is. And definitely, let us know what you’ve got planned for the upcoming week. Ensure you’re putting yourself first at least a couple of times a week because if you don’t take care of you, who will?