It’s Christmastime.

There’s so much to do. You’ve got presents to buy, parties to host, people to see, chestnuts to roast, carols to sing, and many glasses of wine to drink…

Sound familiar?
The holidays can be rough.
We’re pulled in so many directions and have a ton of pressure building up as the big day approaches. While this is supposed to be a happy time of year, many of us women are left feeling haggard, exhausted and resentful.
We’ve totally been there. Our families needed so much from us, not to mention our full-time careers, and we both found ourselves feeling bitter about the holidays.

It’s when we started learning about mindset and intention-setting is that things started to change.

We figured out that the magic is all in our mindset. Maybe that sounds a bit too simplistic, but it really is quite simple. If you want to enjoy Christmas, you set the intention and follow through by checking in with yourself and making a conscious effort towards that intention each day. It can take some time, but intention-setting is a skill worth learning!


So, let’s get you out of this holiday funk!


First, choose one word that embodies how you want to feel this holiday season.


How do you want to feel?


How do you want to show up?


How do you want others to feel around you?



If you typically feel stressed and out of control this time of year, you might wish to feel more cool and collected. So, you might choose the word calm.


Your past internal dialogue might have sounded like this: “I hate this time of year, it’s so stressful and I have to do everything myself to make sure everything gets done right.” But now that you’ve decided to embrace calmness this year, it might shift to this: “I can only accomplish so much in the run of a day and have plenty of people around me to help get the tasks done.”


Do you see what a difference that subtle shift makes? The stressed-out version of you is on the brink of a panic attack and feels resentful towards her family because she “has” to do everything all by herself. On the other hand, the calm version of you recognizes that she can ask others to help, and if certain tasks don’t get done on time, the world is not going to end.


To keep yourself centered and focused on this intention, at the end of each day we want you to spend 5 minutes on this journaling exercise. And if you don’t like the term journaling, just think of it as making notes.


At the top of your page, write your word.


Next, spend a couple of minutes reflecting on the day. How did you embody that word? What went well? What didn’t go so well?


Then spend another couple of minutes thinking about how you can make tomorrow better. What specific things can you do tomorrow to embody your word even better?


Keep your journal or list on your nightstand so that you see it when you wake up in the morning. This will act as a little reminder of the pledge you’ve made to yourself.


By choosing your word of the season and reflecting on it each day, over time you’ll start to feel more in control of your life. You’ll start to notice that things feel lighter, and that life doesn’t have to be a tough as it once was.


We’re dying to know what your intention is for this Christmas season! Comment below and let us know your word!